Rural Land Management Services

Rural Land Management Services

We provide extensive services to Countryside and Forestry bodies as well as Estate owners.

Our services include vehicle tracks & bridges, landscaped subsoil tracks, landscaped twin tracks, ATV tracks and bridges, footpaths, pony paths, scrub removal, drystone walls & revetments, general landscaping, mapping & GIS and ATV hire.

Vehicle Tracks and Bridges

Hill and farm tracks constructed and maintained with options on construction techniques and finish in terms of dimensions, materials and visual impact agreed with client.

Landscaped Subsoil Tracks

When constructing sub soil tracks the correct sequence of operations is critical to ensure all materials are effectively recycled and the exposure of turfs removed is kept to a minimum, this is known as “restore as you go.”

Depending on the underlying substrate composition, subsoil track materials will vary along the length of any route, this combined with the weather conditions during constructions means  it is essential, that once completed, any new build is given time to “settle in “ and allow the various materials to bind.

Landscaped Twin Track;

For a twin track effect, the centre of the track is also turfed, which dramatically reduces the visual impact of track works, stabilizes the centre, decreasing the area of exposed substrate which is liable to erosion from weather.   

Stone Water Features

Where sections of track traverse steeper gradients, which are subject to high water flows or abrasion from vehicles, the vehicle running tracks can be stone pitched(cobbled) to provide a long term stable surface

Stone fords and water bars are used for cross track drainage.

Grass finished Track

Grass finished tracks can be constructed as subsoil tracks or with imported hardcore to stabilise the track surface, composition of which can be adjusted to suit local conditions and anticipated level of use,  then seeded with local mixture.

ATV tracks and bridges

 ATV tracks tend to be access extensions at the end of vehicle tracks and roads leading into remoter environments, the construction techniques, design and aesthetics employed are tailored to be sympathetic with the surrounding landscape and onsite materials.

Wherever possible we avoid the use of artificial materials in upland environments, we use traditional construction techniques and locally won materials. Stone built fords are ATV friendly and reduce the amount of track construction required as they can be installed at existing ground levels. The risk of micro plastic pollution from plastic culvert pipes, due to water borne grit abrasion in pristine upland water courses is to be avoided wherever possible.

To avoid over construction and any resulting negative environmental and visual impacts, ATV tracks need to be assessed for the anticipated level of use the route will be exposed to:

  • Full subsoil construction for frequent or heavy use.
  • Twin running channels excavated then infilled with substrate leaving the centre section of vegetation and top soils undisturbed.
  • Safe but simple landscaped turf covered routes for occasional use.
  • Fords and Culverts

We have over 35 years foot path work experience and have developed the eye and essential skills  necessary to ascertain how sustainable routes can be created then realised through skillful footpath design, construction and maintenance. Over this time we have completed projects, many on designated sites, at all elevations for various clients including: National Parks, Regional Councils, Private landowners, Nature Scotland, Forestry and Land Scotland, NTS and RSPB.

  • Upland and Lowland footpaths
  • All abilities path
  • Board walk
  • Foot Bridges
Pony Paths

Traditionally used by Estates to access remoter areas, many pony paths are now used by outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities. Generally, the paths were very well constructed with great attention to detail in terms of route chosen, gradients, construction techniques and materials, however in many cases the paths have deteriorated and require maintenance or renewal. Often only minimal works are required to have them function as they did in the past: it may be that the side ditches need cleaned out and the stone features refurbished as necessary


We currently run 5No Argocats to access our sites, at various times of the year we have the capacity to hire out machines with fully certificated operators.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on ATV hire.