Welcome to Albamontane

Who We Are

Albamontane has worked very successfully in the field of conservation, agriculture and forestry with a wide range of clients in

both the private and public sector.

Its director, John Urquhart has over 35 years experience in agriculture, forestry and  designing and implementing natural  environment related contracts across the Highlands and Islands.

Without doubt, many environmental challenges lie ahead for those who own and have responsibility for extensive areas of Highland Scotland.  

Albamontane has the knowledge, experience and skills required to help clients meet the demands that will be upon them.

We are committed to providing a pragmatic approach to an extensive range of ecological and regenerative services which are designed to increase sustainability and enhance the natural capital of the Highlands

Our aim is to ensure our workmanship and outcomes, in often remote and challenging situations, are executed to the highest standards and meet our clientsrequirements and satisfaction. 

Natural Capital management is a long term investment. It will require a workforce who have specific knowledge and expertise. As a rural based company, we are acutely aware of the need to provide local employment opportunities; we are committed to encouraging young people, keen to help them develop, improve and update the skill set that will be required in the years to come to manage and maintain our unique Highland habitats.